Electronic Load

Electronic Load with Timer, Electronic Load-Standard, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, India

Electronic Load ( 20V / 20A )

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Electronic Loads. This product also known as DC Electronic Load, Battery Testers, Battery Dischargers. We are also specialized in Calibration Services ( Calibrator ). Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Electronic Load with Time Totalizer ( 5V / 100A )

Typical ranges are available :

Range Model Range Model
30V / 300mA ZMEL9W 15V / 25A ZMEL375W
20V / 3A ZMEL60W 20V / 20A ZMEL400W
4V / 20A ZMEL80W 5V / 100A ZMEL500W
30V / 3A ZMEL90W 100V / 8A ZMEL800W
20V / 5A ZMEL100W 30V / 30A ZMEL900W
18V / 6A ZMEL108W 120V / 8A ZMEL960W
15V / 10A ZMEL150W 50V / 20A ZMEL1000W
10V / 20A ZMEL200W 35V / 30A ZMEL1050W
150V / 2A ZMEL300W 60V / 20A ZMEL1200W
15V / 20A ZMEL300W 30V / 50A ZMEL1500W
30V / 10A ZMEL300W 30V / 60A ZMEL1800W
180V / 2A ZMEL360W 20V / 265A ZMEL5300W

Note : As per requirement load adjustment by external analog level shall be provided.