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Non-Contact Type Tachometer Calibrator

Make :
Model :
Input Power:
230V AC±10%, 50Hz
Ranges :
100,1000,10000, 100000 RPM
Total Settable Range :
1 rpm to 1 Lac rpm
No. of digits :
6 digits for each range
Accuracy :
0.05%± 2 digits
Optical Outputs :
by high bright white LED and Infra Red LED
Digital output
5 V TTL pulse
• Digital Tachometer Calibrator is very easy to use calibration tool for Calibration of Non Contact Type Tachometer. It has outputs optical and TTL pulse. Source has 4 ranges. User has to simply focus the emitted light beam of Non contact type Tachometer on LED.
• Multi-turn potentiometers Coarse & Fine are provided for setting rpm. 4 Ranges are selected by using rotary switch.